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The Special Power of Crystals: What Stone Works for Your Specific Condition? (Part2)

Updated: Jun 18

Crystals and stones can be beautiful additions to your life, and some people find them helpful for emotional and spiritual well-being. For more information, please seek the advice from the expert about stones' healing energy.

Echo Guo in Geomania is an expert in Gemstone field. She could recognize energy of Gemstone to heal different symptoms.

Many people already get help from her advices. Here's a look at some commonly used stones categorized by their perceived benefits part2(for part 1 please click here):

Love, Romance

Want to have/enjoy romantic relationship, a boy/girlfriend

Want to improve/deepen relationship with a boy/girlfriend

Want to break up with a boy/girlfriend

Onyx, Desert Rose

Want to heal the broken heart

Have/improve a long distance relationship with a boy/girlfriend

Being troubled with cheating or having an affair

Want to know what a boy/girlfriend is thinking

Want to increase luck in love

Want to get married

Want to get divorced

Desert Rose

Want to fix a sexless relationship

Want to continue an affair/adultery

Work, Job, Business

Want to increase luck in business/get business chances

Working as a healer

Fuchsite, Tanzanite , Amethyst

Working as a counselor

Working in a dangerous job

Want to change the job

Amulet for starting a new business

Want to improve business results

Want to get promoted

Turquoise, Alligator quartz 

Need calmness on business

Not sure what occupation, profession to take

Want to improve sales ability

Job requires attention to detail and accuracy

Writing a paper/doing research and development


Want to make oneself active, positive

Want to have/recover self-confidence/self-esteem

Being shy, withdrawn/Want to become sociable

Apatite,  Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, Peridot, Tourmaline

Want to change oneself/consciousness

Want to become popular/be loved by everyone

Want to change obstinacy/stubbornness

Want to improve stage fright/social phobia

Want to improve weak will power

Want to become mentally/emotionally strong

Want to become a person of large caliber

Want to become an open-minded person

Want to become straightforward, docile, organized


Want to become pure and sincerity

Excessively self-conscious

Wish a good dream

Creativity, Art

Want to have new ideas

Want ideas for creative work and planning

Being engaged in a creative job

Need Creativity, for Artists

Want to improve imagination 


Want to have friends

Blue Lace Agate,  Tourmaline, Turquoise, Amazonite

Want to reconcile with friends

Want to have a wider circle of friends

Help end unpleasant friendships

Desert Rose

Mental, Mind


Don't know what to do

Being frustrated/irritated/annoyed

Being spiritless and no motivation

Cannot love oneself and others

Want to be supported emotionally

Feel insecurity of unknown cause

Cannot handle pressure

Clear Mind

Want ideas for planning and researches

Need clarity in thinking

Want to become rational

Want to have realistic ideas

Spirituality, Supernatural

Want to connect to higher consciousness/expand consciousness

Want to find out the purpose of life

Want to develop spirituality

Want to become happy

Help meditation


Feel you don't belong to worldly life/the earth

Have psychic power/sixth sense/ESP

Want to have belief, faith

Want to have good intuition

Want to know previous life

Self-development, self-enlightenment

Want to realize ideas, wishes, dreams

Want to have ability to take action

Want to find out and improve one's talent

Want to improve self-promotional ability

Want to know really important things

Want to improve oneself

What to break through

Beauty, Sexy

Want to become beautiful

Want to lose weight

Want to become sexy

Want to have/make beautiful skin

Want to become healthy and beautiful

Want to become womanly, ladylike, feminine

Feng Shui

Stones for bed room and living room

Want to expel evil energy from the space


Want to have a bright future

Want to have a prospect of future

Disclaimer: While crystals and stones hold fascinating cultural and historical significance, their effectiveness for emotional and spiritual well-being is a personal journey. If you're facing a critical health concern, it's always wise to consult with a medical expert.

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