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Fluorite is one of my favourite minerals. Whatever your issues are it will help you become mentally aware and assist you in working through the process necessary for complete healing.The metaphysical properties of fluorite are dependent on its many colours. Purple: opens the third eye, increases psychic awareness and assists in reaching a deeper state of meditation. Green: heals at all levels and can assist you to approach situations calmly and act decisively. Blue: helps communication skills and is a protector of the emotions (brings peace, mental calmness and serenity). Colourless: helps with healing, spiritual strengthening, clearing and energizing the aura, aligning chakras and working with the crown chakra.

Excellent for cleansing the aura, one of the gifts of fluorite is that it can get rid of any cording (unwanted attached energy lines from other people). You can do this by holding a fluorite want to your third eye. Fluorite can also help you to disconnect from your own attachments (cording) to deep mindsets, desires or patterns you have. With its qualities of order and balance, fluorite encourages stability and helps you reach your goals.

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