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Carnelian is a bright orange-red  gemstone of the agate family . It  is a smooth healing stone, good emotionally and  physically 

  It works on heart,  solar , navel and root  chakras, - which is associated with happiness, creativity, courage and sexuality. Carnelian helps to open  these chakras. Activatie physical/mental bodies . It  enhances  bloodsystem, digesting system and immune system.  Aids heart, kidneys ,lungs, liver, gallbladder, pancreas.  It helps to regenerate tissues , It brings warm  and joy. 

Formula:  SiO2 with impurities. Transparent to translucent lustrous pale to deep red, brownish-red, red-to-brown. Hardness 7. Locality: Messina area, Republic of South Africa, Africa; Oregon, USA. Brail.

For detail of how to use  the stone to heal. Please consult with related expert or Echo in Geomania-Vancouver.

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