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  Ammolite was first discovered by the Blackfoot Indians in an area bordering the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

Legend tells of a Blackfoot woman who discovered the stone while searching for firewood. During a particularly harsh winter, the buffalo had disappeared and the tribe was starving. While searching in the deep snow, the young woman heard beautiful singing and followed the voice to an Ammolite stone under a Cottonwood tree. The stone told her it was powerful medicine and if she would take it back to her tribe, it would provide food for the Blackfoot. She did so and the next morning a large herd of buffalo was seen outside the camp. After that, the Blackfoot used the stone in bison hunting ceremonies – wrapping it in a medicine bundle of buffalo hide.

In 1908, a member of the National Geological Survey team found mineralized ammonite fossils along the St. Mary River in Alberta. It was not until 1981 that enough high quality Ammolite was discovered to make mining commercially viable. The company KORITE continues to operate the world’s largest Ammolite mine at this site.

Ammolite is Canada’s Gemstone. Millions of years of tectonic pressure created this brilliant gem from the fossilized remains of the ammonite shell. Extremely rare and elegant, Ammolite’s iridescent colours glow with the beauty of the rainbow. A glittering addition to any jewelry collection, Ammolite’s luminous qualities rival the famous black opal for colour and fire. Each Ammolite gem is unique in brilliance, colour and pattern. The rarest and most desirable show three or more colours and are graded AA. Ammolite, like all gemstones, should be cared for in a gentle manner.

From a Feng Shui perspective, (the art of harmonizing nature), Ammolite’s rich colours stimulate creativity, energy, wisdom, intellect and wealth. The Feng Shui masters believe that because of its ancient origins, Ammolite has absorbed cosmic energy from the universe. This energy is circulated back through the stone, generating healthy, wealth and enlightenment.

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