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  • Rhodonite, this soft glowing pink rock is a beautiful gemstone from british Columbia Canada.

    Rhodonite is a manganese silicate(MnSiO3) which is often veined by black patterns and lines of manganese oxide, producing very attractive carvings and jewellery.

    Rhodonite good for endoctrine system- benefit for thyroid , thymus , pituitary , pineal gland .Good for  immune system- benefit for pancrea. Good for digestion system -benefit for stomach. Good for breathing system- benefit for lung's function. good for heart function. Sooth the nerve system. Cleanse trauma, reduce tension, stress. Enhances self-esteem, build up confident. Brings in energy of loving, kind ,compassion.

    It has been used in the treatment of emphysema, heart disorders,and arthritis.

    Chakra: root , heart, third

    Rhodonite+jade+sterling silver earrings

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