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kyanite pendant set with sterling silver.

kyanite stone , improve inner vision and communication. enhance creativity. Cleanse past trauma.calming . Chakra: throat , third eye.

When feel disturbed by what's happenning around you, you could just touch the stone on the jewellery. You might find out a little miracle happening -your negative emotion flying away.

kyanite pendant

SKU: 176
C$119.50 Regular Price
C$101.58Sale Price
  • Attention: 

    Not reach the chemical product like bleach or any other heavy cleaning product.

    To care:

    For silver part, you could use alcohol to rinse it, then use silver cloth to rub the silver setting.

    For stone part, simply use water (tub water ok) to rinse it . No need to put it in the water for too long time.After rinse it , put item under the moonlight .


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