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  • Transport yourself back to the Cretaceous period with this genuine Hadrosaur Dinosaur Egg, estimated to be 70-100 million years old. Originating from the Xiaxia Basin in the Henan Province of China, this incredible fossil comes with an authenticity certificate, ensuring its provenance and value. The speckled surface and slightly oblong shape of the egg provide a fascinating glimpse into the life of the ancient Hadrosaur, a herbivorous dinosaur that roamed the earth during the late Mesozoic era. This rare and remarkable piece of natural history is a must-have for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone with a passion for paleontology. Add this extraordinary Hadrosaur Dinosaur Egg to your fossil collection and marvel at the mysteries of prehistoric life.

    Hadrosaur Dinosaur Egg

    SKU: 504

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