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  • itrine earrings set with sterling silver.

    Citrine, a variety of quartz. good for immune system , digestive system, endoctrine system . Benefit for kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestine, heart. Help to regenarate new cells . Detoxifies physical and mental bodies. Detach self destruction.Help self=esteem growing . Attact abundance in both material and spiritual field. light heart. cheer. energy charging. Warming. Chakra: solor, navel crown.When you feel physical tired or mentally negative, you could use your good friend- citrine stone to massage your head and your digestive and immune system. You might feel relaxed, energized and your mind might become clear.

    Citrine pendant

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      Attention: Not reach the chemical product like bleach or any other heavy cleaning product.Attention: 

      To care:

      For silver part, you could use alcohol to rinse it, then use silver cloth to rub the silver setting.

      For stone part, simply use clean water (tub water ok) to rinse it . No need to put it in the water for too long time. After rinse it , put item under the moonlight

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